It’s Time for Peanut Butter Valentines!

Peanut Butter Valentines 2016

It’s time once more for a very special Melrose tradition: Peanut Butter Valentines. Every February, the people of Melrose are invited to give a special “valentine” to their neighbors by donating a jar of peanut butter, jelly, canned fruit, or other canned goods to A Servant’s Heart Food Pantry. The Melrose High School students who are spearheading this year’s drive stopped by my office last week to drop off one of their specially decorated boxes. You can drop off donations in my office or the City Clerk’s office in City Hall, or at the Melrose Public Library, the Milano Senior Center, the Law Offices of Martino and Tramontozzi (616 Main St.), Most Blessed Sacrament Church, Melrose High School, Melrose Dance Academy, Dance Track Studio in Wakefield, Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School, Roosevelt Elementary School, Coffee Tea and Me, the Levi Gould Apartments, and the Northern Bank and Trust Company.

Message from the Cub Scouts: Slow Down and Drive with Care

Cub Scouts 2-10-16

Cub Scouts Pack 615, Den 4, came to my office yesterday to speak to Police Chief Mike Lyle and I about our community. They are earning their Wolf badge, and part of that is to identify a problem in our community and discuss a solution. They decided to focus on traffic safety, because it’s something that directly affects their lives every day. As they walk to and from school and ride their bikes around Melrose, they often have to deal with people who are driving too fast, talking on their cell phones, being distracted when they drive, and not stopping for pedestrians.

We talked about this and the Scouts came up with some reminders for all citizens:

  • Don’t speed, because you could hit someone—maybe a child!
  • You don’t read and walk—don’t text and drive!
  • If you must talk on the phone, use a hands-free phone
  • Look at the road at all times.
  • Slow down—it can wait!
  • Wear your seat belt!

These are our neighbors and our children. Please take their suggestions to heart!

Matt Heaton Returns to Kids Club this Friday

Matt Heaton

Melrose Kids Club is excited to welcome Matt Heaton this Friday, February 12th to Memorial Hall.

Matt is now a favorite of the sing-along circuit of the greater Boston area, entertaining children and families with a great collection of songs. Matt also performed at the Melrose Common Playground opening this past summer!

We are excited to hear a great performance this Friday, February 12th, beginning at 10am at Memorial Hall.

To hear more of Matt’s music, please visit

Come to the Master Plan Meeting Tonight!

Melrose Forward flyer

The public is invited to participate in a Public Forum hosted by the Master Plan Advisory
Committee on Melrose’s Master Plan to be held at 7:00 PM on Wednesday, February 10, 2016, at the Milano Senior Center. The public forum is an opportunity for residents to provide input and guidance on the City’s future on a range of topics including land use and zoning, housing, economic development, transportation, energy, open space and recreation, public facilities and services, and historic and cultural resources. The 2016 Master Plan, referred to as Melrose Forward: A Community Vision and Master Plan, will be developed over the course of this year, and upon its completion will serve as a policy document guiding decisions on growth and preservation in the city for the next ten years.

Melrose Youth Softball Sign-Ups Are Going on Now!

Melrose Youth Softball is holding online registrations now for winter skills clinics which begin next month. Girls in grades 1 through 9 are eligible for the clinics and for the spring season, which starts in April. The website is here and the link for online registrations is here.

Message from Public Works

When you receive your first-quarter water bill, enclosed will be a brochure titled, “Important Information about Lead in Drinking Water.” I would like to explain what this brochure means.

The MWRA system has some of the highest quality water in the country and some of the most rigorous testing standards, and water in the City of Melrose is completely safe.

MWRA water is lead-free when it leaves the reservoirs. However, lead can get into tap water through home lead service lines (the pipes that connect homes to the water main in the street), lead solder used in plumbing, and some brass fixtures.

The MWRA and Melrose monitor our water quality vigorously. Melrose conducts weekly tests and follows up with testing for lead every six months. In our most recent round of tests, we found elevated levels in 3 out of 17 houses with lead service lines. The next tests are scheduled for mid-March.

Melrose maintains an aggressive lead service testing program to ensure the water being provided to residents, schools, and other facilities in our community is safe. Those programs are going to continue. In addition, the MWRA treats its water to make it less corrosive, which reduces the amount of lead that leaches out of the pipes.

To find out if you might have a lead service line and how it can be replaced, call the Engineering Department at 781-979-4172. If you do have a lead service, the Engineering Department will be able to provide further guidance.

2016 Snow Shoveling List

Following is a list of high school students who are available to shovel snow. Price and times are up to you to coordinate with these individuals.

Kevin Burns, 978-998-0300 (any neighborhood)
Nick Anderson, 978-979-3621 (any neighborhood)
Ignacio Baeza Diaz, 857-234-4230 (any neighborhood)
Kyondre Johnyarde, 857-247-3858 (near Melrose High School or Pine Banks)
Antonio Ferreira, 781-517-8044 (any neighborhood)
Jarret Botelho, 781-470-3253 (any neighborhood)

Snow Information for Monday, February 8

We are expecting up to 10 inches of snow on Monday, beginning during the morning commute. All signs are that this will be a similar storm to Friday’s, except the duration will be much longer, lasting into Tuesday morning. Here’s what you need to know:

  • School will be closed on Monday.
  • City Hall will be closed, however, all snow and city operations will be run out of the Public Works Operations Center at the City Yard. If you have any concerns regarding snow removal, please call 781-665-0142.
  • Trash and recycling will be picked up on Monday.
  • The Melrose Public Library and the Milano Senior Center will be closed.
  • There will be an on-street parking ban on side streets throughout the day. There will be no parking ban downtown or in commercial districts.
  • Please report any downed wires to the Melrose Fire Department at 781-665-1313.
  • Please report power outages to National Grid’s main operations office at 800-322-3223.
  • Please report any downed tree limbs to Public Works at 781-665-0142.

This will be a long, slow-moving storm. We ask you if possible to stay off the roads and be patient with cleanup. All available staff and contractors will be working to remove snow today and overnight. All snow operations will be run out of the Public Works Operations Center at 781-665-0142.

Useful Numbers for Snow-Related Problems

Please note: The earlier version of this post included an incorrect phone number.

Due to the heavy snow, we are getting reports of downed tree limbs and power lines.

  • Please report any downed wires to the Melrose Fire Department at 781-665-1313.
  • Please report power outages to National Grid’s main operations office at 800-322-3223.
  • Please report any downed tree limbs to Public Works at 781-665-0142.

For all other snow-related problems or questions, call the Public Works Operations Center at 781-665-0142.

Snow Update

The storm should be coming to an end later on this afternoon, towards the evening commute.

  • We expect 6 to 8 inches in total.
  • It’s a very heavy snow, so please be careful when shoveling.
  • There is no parking ban, due to the timing of the storm and our desire to keep all businesses open.
  • The roads are very slippery. Please use caution when driving and leave yourself plenty of time to get wherever you want to go, because it is going to take some time to clean up this storm.
  • All private and public plows are activated and will be working now and into the night until the storm is cleaned up. We appreciate your patience.
  • Trash was picked up on the usual schedule today.
  • All evening school events are canceled.

If you have any concerns regarding snow removal, please contact the Public Works Operations Center at 781-665-0142. It will be open until late this evening.


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