Green Energy Initiatives: LED Streetlights

Our green energy initiatives continue with the installation of LED streetlights in our business districts.

Last year, in Phase One, we installed 80 LED lights in the Victorian streetlights on Main Street. In Phase Two, we added 40 more for the remaining Victorian lights at Cedar Park and West Wyoming Avenue. These lights were paid for by Green Community Funding ($15,076) and a National Grid incentive ($5,702).

These new LED lights will result in 60% energy savings over the previous metal halide fixtures, resulting in about $4,000 annual savings. The city will reap additional savings on maintenance and materials because they will last longer (11.9 vs 2.4 years) And the final advantage: Better pedestrian lighting on sidewalks and more uniform light overall.


2 thoughts on “Green Energy Initiatives: LED Streetlights

  1. Many cities across the region are also replacing their high pressure sodium and mercury vapor street lights with LEDs, such as Boston. Does Melrose have any plans to begin replacing them as well? These are the most common street lights in the city.

  2. We have no plans to change our high-pressure sodium lights at this time, although I wouldn’t rule it out in the future.

    At the moment, the price of the LED lights is too high—we got a better deal on the Victorian streetlights because of a group procurement project with the Metropolitan Area Planning Commission—and National Grid gives us no financial incentive to reduce energy use, although that may change if they issue a new incentive structure.

    An outside consultant has calculated the payback period on new streetlights to be nine years. However, we will continue to monitor the situation and aggressively seek out opportunities to get funding for new lights and other energy-saving measures.

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