New businesses at Sparks site, West Wyoming, downtown, and Oak Grove Village

This has been a busy summer for the Melrose business community, and I have a number of new businesses and initiatives to announce.

One of our most visible sites, the old Sparks property on Grove Street, across from the Mobil station, will be developed as a dentist’s office for a practice currently in Malden. A two-story building is planned for the site, and we hope it will become a wonderful gateway to our downtown district.

Another new business, the Melrose Meat Market, will be opening soon next to Sexton and Donohue in the former office of Charles Gill.

We are in the initial stages of approval of a new Italian restaurant in downtown Melrose named Comella’s. Comella’s currently has several locations, most notably in Arlington and Natick.

Pizza will soon be available once more at the old Corner Deli site, at West Wyoming Avenue and Hurd Street: A new business, Lisa’s Family Pizza, will be opening its doors there any day now.

And Oak Grove Village has a new coffee shop, The Jitters Café, that will also be opening soon.

Clearly, Melrose has established a reputation as a great place to do business, and I hope you will patronize all our local businesses.


9 thoughts on “New businesses at Sparks site, West Wyoming, downtown, and Oak Grove Village

  1. The news regarding the Sparks site is outstanding. That is a major eyesore. Any more word about the possibility of a Whole Foods going into Johnny Foodmaster’s?

  2. I liked the original 3 story building for the Sparks site that was proposed a few years back (multiple storefronts and a residential component), but this new proposal seems like it will work as well and that lot has been an eyesore for too long. Too bad it’s not a little taller. We should be supporting more density downtown.

    Any word on the empty lot at Howard at Green? The plans were really nice for that proposed building as well.

  3. No, although we have gotten some calls from people who are interested in purchasing the property. The buyer seems to be looking to sell, but the issue seems to be the cost of the property and how much density would be required to cover the purchase price and also be acceptable for zoning regulations.

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