Major improvement project coming to downtown Melrose

Mayor Dolan addresses local businesspeople and residents at a meeting about the Main Street project this morning

In the ten years that I have been mayor, we have done major road projects on upper and lower Main Street and smaller revitalization projects in our neighborhood business areas, West Wyoming Avenue, Cedar Park, and Melrose Highlands—and there’s more to come on the Highlands.

In the immediate future, though, we are going to focus on our downtown Main Street district, with a renovation project that will make the street more attractive more pedestrian-friendly, and more handicap accessible (which means easier for people with strollers to navigate as well). The project will begin on Friday, October 5, and (weather permitting) will run on a very aggressive schedule; by doing the most disruptive work at night and less intensive work during the day, we hope to complete the project in ten days.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Main Street will be repaved curb to curb from Upham Street to West Wyoming Avenue; we will also do East Foster Street from Main to Dell.
  • All sidewalk safety issues and trip hazards will be repaired or removed.
  • ADA compliant handicap ramps and curb cuts will be installed to improve pedestrian, wheelchair, and stroller accessibility.
  • Bump-outs will be added at the two mid-block crosswalks (CVS and Petrone’s) to slow traffic and make it easier to cross the street.
  • Traffic signal posts will be painted black.
  • Dead trees will be replaced, and new trees will be added in some areas.


The night work, which will begin on October 5, will include grinding down the roadway, sealing cracks, and repaving and repainting it. Night work will run from about 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. The day work will start on Monday, October 8, and businesses will be open during normal business hours, and Main Street will remain accessible during the day work.

Updates will be posted on the city website. For more information, or to discuss a specific concern, please call the Engineering Office of Public Works, 781-979-4178. To read DPW personnel after hours, call the Melrose Police Department, 781-665-1212; calls will be returned within 15 minutes.

Below is a copy of the handout that was distributed today at a meeting with local businesses; the handout has more specifics about the project.

9-25-12 Main Street Presentation Handout


One thought on “Major improvement project coming to downtown Melrose

  1. This is exciting and sort of out of the blue. I’m looking forward to seeing the improvements. I imagine the trolley tracks will finally see light again after that 2″ of pavement is ground off. You can already see them underneath at some of the potholes.

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