Snow Info: What You Need to Know About Tomorrow’s Snowstorm

For all snow-related calls, call the City Yard, 781-665-0142.

At the moment, the forecast is for 16 to 24 inches of snow, beginning sometime Friday afternoon and continuing into Saturday. This is going to be a long storm, and we are preparing accordingly. We will have over 75 pieces of equipment on the road, sanding, salting, and clearing. However, we are expecting dangerous conditions. Please stay off the roads during the storm and afterwards so we can clear the streets. Conditions will be dangerous and our snow operations will be in full effect.

Melrose Public Schools will be closed on Friday.
Kids Club has been canceled.
All municipal buildings, including Memorial Hall, the Milano Senior Center, and the schools, will be closed from noon Friday until 7 a.m. Monday.
The Melrose Public Library will close at noon Friday and reopen at 10 a.m. Monday.
All sports and school activities scheduled for this weekend have been canceled.
The police station in City Hall will be open throughout the weekend.
An emergency parking ban will go into effect at 5 p.m. on Friday. This includes the downtown parking areas.
The forecast is for heavy snow and poor visibility Friday evening, and we strongly recommend that everyone stay off the roads after 1 p.m.
Stay tuned to this blog, the City of Melrose Twitter, and MMTV for updates throughout the storm.
For questions about snow operations, call the City Yard, 781-665-0142.
For emergencies, call 911.

Once the snow is over,

We will be working throughout the weekend to clear the streets and sidewalks so that schools and businesses can reopen on Monday.
Please clear the sidewalk in front of your house or business.
If you use a snowblower, remember that it is illegal to blow snow into the street.
Be a good neighbor: If you have elderly neighbors, clear their walks. Shovel out the hydrants and catch basins on your street.
Stay away from downed wires.
Notify the City Yard (781-665-0142) of any downed trees or tree limbs.
The City Yard will also take the names of anyone who wants to shovel snow, or who wants to hire someone to shovel their property.

For all snow-related questions or problems, call the City Yard, 781-665-0142.


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