What Will the Sequester Mean to Melrose?

Here is an interesting article on CNN regarding the sequester. Oftentimes we look at the federal government as some gigantic entity that doesn’t affect us directly. I think this article spells out some of the ways that Melrosians will be affected if the sequester goes into effect on March 1.

There are a number of possible cuts that I am concerned about that could affect Melrose. The first is massive cuts to Medicare reimbursement to states, which would affect the Massachusetts budget because one of the economic foundations of our state is health care, hospitals, research, and development. The second is massive military reductions that would affect many of the technology businesses in the Route 128 area. The third is Meals on Wheels. Although our community dinner will assist in this effort, governmental programs for the elderly and low-income students will be drastically affected. A $4 million cut to Head Start will affect our Early Childhood Center. I think our Superintendent of Schools is doing an excellent job (per yesterday’s post) of preparing for that cut.

I thought the CNN article was a tight synopsis of how the sequester may affect us, and I would say these reductions pale compared to the state reductions we faced in the mid-2000s that we managed through. Most citizens as well as local governmental leaders are going to have to work harder together to get through these further reductions.


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