Snow update: What to expect tonight and tomorrow

It looks like overnight and in the morning we will have periods of intense snow and very strong winds with temperatures dropping to the low single digits. DPW will be in full plow operation overnight with over 70 pieces of equipment, but there will be very strong winds. If you have to go to work tomorrow please allow ample time as the winds will cause the snow to drift and visibility will be low,

The Superintendent of Schools will probably wait till tomorrow morning to make the call on whether to delay or cancel school, in consultation with DPW and other districts. When the news is announced we will post it, so follow this blog and the City of Melrose as well as local TV and radio affiliates.


2 thoughts on “Snow update: What to expect tonight and tomorrow

  1. Not announcing the state of the schools until the morning makes it extremely hard to arrange day care at such short notice. If it is possible to make a decision tonight it would make the jobs of all the effected parents at least slightly easier.

    1. We will forward your comment to the Superintendent for consideration, but it is our intention to have school whenever safe and possible. If the storm moves or is less severe, which happens in our area, we will have school in Melrose. People should make plans, if needed, for no school, but it is always our goal to open school.

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