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Congratulations to the Class of 2015!

Melrose Grad Night 2015

Congratulations to the Melrose High School Class of 2015, who will graduate this evening. We are proud of you all!

Thank you also to the organizers of Melrose Grad Night, the all-night post-graduation celebration. This is a dedicated group of parents and community members, with support from our local businesses, who have put together a fun, safe party for our new graduates.

And in case you missed it the first time, here’s the list of schools that accepted our MHS graduates this year. The Class of 2015 has a lot to be proud of!

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Melrose Common Playground to Open with Music Festival on June 6!


Ben Rudnick

Ben Rudnick

Melrose Birth to Five and the City of Melrose are excited to announce an unbelievable family event that will take place on Saturday, June 6, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Melrose Common Playground (located at Laurel and Larrabee Streets)

We will be celebrating the grand opening of the new Common Playground with several musical acts hitting the stage including the legendary Ben Rudnick and Friends. This is just one of several special activities planned for the big day.

Matt Heaton

Matt Heaton

The playground opening will include

  • Ribbon Cutting with the kids
  • Music from Ben Rudnick & Friends, Matt Heaton, and Meredith Pizzi of Roman Music Therapy Services
  • An interactive community art project from Follow Your Art studio here in Melrose to be displayed permanently at the Playground. This is not to be missed!
  • Free bottle of bubbles for each child that attends
  • Food Truck

Families are encouraged to bring folding chairs or blankets to sit on.

Follow Your ArtWe are encouraging all families to walk to the event if possible. There will be parking available at the Winthrop School Playground for the event and very limited street parking around the Common.

This concert is being produced with support from a Melrose Messina Fine Arts grant.

We hope to see you there!

Roman Music Therapy

Everyone’s a Winner at the Mayor’s Math Meet!

Mayor's Math Meet

Here are the Roosevelt 4th graders anxiously waiting for their team scores to come in at the 6th Annual Mayor’s Math Meet yesterday.

Top Scores

4th Grade Winners: Hoover School

5th Grade Winners: Lincoln School

I’m so proud of all the competitors. Each team wowed the standing room only crowd of parents, family, and teachers with their knowledge, enthusiasm, and teamwork!

There are so many opportunities for students to build teamwork and shine in competition at the Melrose Public Schools, whether it’s in a classroom, on the playing fields, in the gym, in the robotics competitions, on the stage, or at the math meet.

I believe all our students shine!

All Are Welcome to Roosevelt Elementary’s World Cultures Fair

Thursday, May 28, marks the beginning of a new tradition at Roosevelt Elementary School, when a dedicated team of parents, teachers and students host their first annual World Cultures Fair.

“The inspiration really began when I participated in the Melrose High School’s GEM celebration a year ago. The young woman’s journey through the GEM pathway was amazing to witness,” said Roosevelt PTO Co-President Liz DeSelm, also a Roosevelt GEM Co-Leader. “At the time I thought it would be really neat if we could bring something GEM-related to the Roosevelt.”

Over 80 students will present “experiences” from more than 30 different countries and regions in the Roosevelt gymnasium from 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM that night. The students have been researching at home and at the Melrose Public Library with help from parents and volunteer MHS students. “We are really excited to bring GEM to the Roosevelt and open the students’ eyes to the world around them,” added Brooke Sulahian, a parent and Roosevelt GEM Co-Leader. “It has been such fun to see the kids get so excited to learn about other countries.”

The event is open and free to the public. Attendees are welcome to come dressed in the manner of their heritage if they choose. For more information, contact Lizbeth DeSelm ( or Brooke Sulahian at (

Road Closure Update for Thursday, May 28

Here is a brief update on road closures for Thursday, May 28, in Melrose

  • Washington Street from Pleasant Street to Trenton Street will be closed for grinding of the roadway. This area will be paved next week.
  • Albert Street will be closed for paving.
  • Nelson Road will be closed for paving.

Significant Progress Being Made on Lebanon Street

Lebanon St 6

There has been a lot of activity and progress on the Lebanon Street Improvement Project that will continue throughout the summer. This is a complicated construction job that is being funded through the state’s Transportation Improvement Program (TIP). You may have noticed in the area of Hospital Square, next to Robinson’s Funeral Home, how deep the excavation has been. This is because of the massive amount of unsuitable material below the surface, coupled with the need to remove old trolley tracks. The road is now being rebuilt with a new gas pipe.

Final paving on these roads will occur in September but we are making temporary pavement repairs to make the driving conditions better. Over the next four weeks, sidewalk work beginning at Lebanon at Grove will begin going all the way to the hospital. After this is completed on one side of the street, the same process begins on the other side. Sidewalk work must be completed first as those machines would damage a newly paved roadway. Crews will be putting in all new traffic signals that will be synchronized. At the same time, they will be making sections of road repairs and prepping the roadway for final paving.

It is important to understand that this is a massive project for Melrose. The scope not only includes Lebanon Street from Main Street to Grove but will also make substantial improvements at:

  • Hospital Square (Main/Green/Lebanon/Porter
  • Upham Street (Lebanon to Bellevue)
  • Emerson Street (Lebanon to Rowe)

We will continue to provide regular updates on the project and appreciate everyone’s patience.

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Highlands Renovation Nears Completion

Franklin St 5

As you may have noticed, the Highlands Business District renovation has really come together in the last few weeks in terms of how it will now look and function. This project was selected through the highly competitive MassWorks Grant Program administered by the state. The goal of this project was to create a business district that was much safer for all modes of transportation including vehicle, pedestrian, and bike. The other goal of the grant is to spur economic development in the Highlands by redesigning all components of the area including parking design, parking regulations, pedestrian plazas and benches, and landscaping enhancements.

This project will be substantially completed the week of June 15th. This will include the paving of Franklin Street, all sidewalk work, landscaping, benches, lighting, line striping, center line painting, and bicycle sharrows.

There will also be a special meeting of the Traffic Commission in July or August to specifically discuss parking regulations on Franklin Street and the Highlands Business District.

We also plan to hold a special block party in the Highlands once all work is complete to invite the entire Melrose community to come out and see these improvements first hand and to support the Highlands businesses.

Franklin St 4

Franklin St 3

Franklin St 2

Franklin St 1

Eat at Petrone’s on Wednesday, Support the MHS Orchestra

Approved Petrones Flyer 2015

Melrose Receives Substance Abuse Prevention Grant

The City of Melrose is pleased to announce it has been awarded a regional substance abuse prevention grant from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. This $100,000 grant will provide funding for coordinated efforts to reduce underage drinking and other illegal drug use among the youth of Melrose, Malden, Medford, Stoneham, Wakefield and Winchester. The funding is available for up to seven years.

Each of these communities has made different efforts to combat these issues over the years. This grant will allow the communities to share resources and best practices, work toward consistent policies and laws, and use efficiencies of scale to provide messaging and services. This initiative will emphasize consistent, data-driven planning focused on implementing effective and sustainable strategies and interventions. The more experienced communities will have the opportunity to mentor other communities to enable all to have comprehensive, active community coalitions who can work together for our youth.

The Massachusetts Substance Abuse Prevention Collaborative is funded by the Substance and Mental Health Administration through the Bureau of Substance Abuse Services of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. This grant seeks to increase both the number and capacity of municipalities across the Commonwealth addressing these substance abuse issues.

An Update on Mel and Rose

We have gotten many phone calls, visits, and e-mails about Mel and Rose, the swans on Ell Pond, so I wanted to give you an update. Our Animal Control Officer, Coral Hope, has been checking on them regularly, as has the MSPCA, and they are doing fine.

While we share your concern about the trash near their nest, and we do our best to keep the Ell Pond area clean, this is not the time for a cleanup. Some of the items were brought by the swans themselves as they built the nest, and the experts tell us it’s best to leave it for now. If their area is disturbed by humans and our scent, the swans may abandon the nest.

I would also ask you to please not feed the swans. Human food isn’t good for them, and it may attract other animals. It also may cause the swans to leave the nest, in order to get to the food, and leave their eggs unattended.

While it’s fine to watch from a distance, please give Mel and Rose plenty of space.

Update: While Mel and Rose are healthy, it has come to our attention that their eggs are no longer visible in the nest. Our Animal Control Officer, Coral Hope, told us that she observed the nest for some time today and the swans, while in the area, were not watching over it, which means the eggs are probably gone. I asked her to explain this a bit:

Do you think vandals did it?

No. I found a bird carcass (not a swan) nearby, so I suspect there could be a predator, like a raccoon or a fisher cat, in the area. It could even be a turtle. Mute swans tend to lose their eggs to predators very easily. It’s also possible that the eggs were not fertile to begin with, and in that case they would abandon them.

Have they left the nest?

Although the nest is still there, and the swans are still around the pond, if there are no eggs there is no reason to sit on the nest. There is still time for Rose to lay more eggs—sometimes they do lay a second set of eggs.

Would they move to a different location?

It’s hard to say. They did come back after losing their eggs last year because of the storm, but if there is a predator in the area they might pick a different place on the pond.

Usually they come back to the same spot—the female usually picks it, and they usually come back to the area where the female was born. They will return to the same area if they have a successful brood. That’s probably why they are coming back to this nesting area, but to keep them coming back, we have to keep a respectful distance. We can’t prevent nature from taking its course, but we can prevent humans from interfering.

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