Notice from City Clerk

Nomination papers for the November 3, 2015 City Election will be available in the Election Office on Friday, May 1, 2015.  Nomination papers may be obtained only by a candidate or a person presenting a signed authorization for a candidate. Prior to obtaining nomination papers, each candidate must file with the Election Office, a statement containing his/her name and address and the office for which he/she intends to run.  The last day to obtain nomination papers for Mayoral candidates is Friday, July 10th and the last day to obtain for all others will be Friday, September 11th. 
At this election, the following officials are to be chosen:
Mayor (4 year term)

Three (3) members of the School Committee (4 year term)
Four (4) Alderman-At-Large (2 year term)

One (1) Alderman from each of the seven wards (2 year term)

Candidates for Alderman-at-Large and School Committee will need 120 signatures and a Ward Alderman candidate will need 20 signatures in order to be placed on the ballot.
Please contact Linda-Lee Angiolillo at 781-979-4125 with any questions.


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