Highlands Renovation Nears Completion

Franklin St 5

As you may have noticed, the Highlands Business District renovation has really come together in the last few weeks in terms of how it will now look and function. This project was selected through the highly competitive MassWorks Grant Program administered by the state. The goal of this project was to create a business district that was much safer for all modes of transportation including vehicle, pedestrian, and bike. The other goal of the grant is to spur economic development in the Highlands by redesigning all components of the area including parking design, parking regulations, pedestrian plazas and benches, and landscaping enhancements.

This project will be substantially completed the week of June 15th. This will include the paving of Franklin Street, all sidewalk work, landscaping, benches, lighting, line striping, center line painting, and bicycle sharrows.

There will also be a special meeting of the Traffic Commission in July or August to specifically discuss parking regulations on Franklin Street and the Highlands Business District.

We also plan to hold a special block party in the Highlands once all work is complete to invite the entire Melrose community to come out and see these improvements first hand and to support the Highlands businesses.

Franklin St 4

Franklin St 3

Franklin St 2

Franklin St 1


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