MHS Teacher Lisa Lord Recognized as ‘Unsung Heroine’

Lisa Lord

I want to offer my sincerest congratulations to Melrose High school teacher Lisa Lord, who was honored at the State House today as one of the Unsung Heroines of Massachusetts. Lisa is not only a wonderful teacher who really inspires her students, she also dedicates many hours to documenting and preserving the history of Melrose veterans via the Melrose Veterans Memory Project. She is a member of our Veterans Services Advisory Board and has been instrumental in the planning and implementation of many of our veterans’ events throughout the year, including the Veterans in the Classroom program and the Operation Remember trips to the veterans’ monuments in Washington, DC.

The Massachusetts Commission on the Status of Women describes the Unsung Heroines this way:

The Unsung Heroines are women who don’t always make the news, but truly make the difference. They are the women who use their time, talent and enthusiasm to enrich the lives of others and make a difference in their neighborhoods, cities and towns.

Lisa truly has made a difference in Melrose, and she is a real unsung heroine!


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