Local Business Spotlight: Follow Your Art Offers Summer Activities

FYAlogoFollow Your Art invites you to make something with your summer, with creative small group art programming right in downtown Melrose! Weekly programs and drop-in times are available for all ages, including a special workshop for the entire family by Sharon Santillo. All groups and drop-in times are facilitated by local artist teachers. What’s in studio for you? Map making, Fairy houses, Watercolor, Tunnel Books, Sewing, a Drawing Club for middle and high school students, Intergenerational Family Stories, plus Open Studio hours with painting, clay, and sculpture for all ages. For dates, times, cost, registration, and a description of ALL groups, go to www.follow-your-art.com. Hours start next week!

Have a sneak peak:

What is a tunnel book? It’s a cool pop-up book that isn’t really a book at all but more like a piece of art made with layers of cut-out drawings. They can tell a story or show a scene and are fun for multiple ages with a format that becomes more complex for older kids.

Maps are drawings of real or imaginary places that provide information or tell a story. They can be beautiful, with cool folds, borders, and symbols and fancy covers. Maps show us rivers, mountains, oceans, caves, buildings, roads, tunnels, bridges—even secret passageways! Make a map of your neighborhood, hidden treasure, or your own fantasy world.

“When I Was Little” is a book workshop for grades K-2. Young artists interview any family member who knew them when they were little. These interviews become the base for our books, and each part of the process is done step by step with award-winning art educator Sharon Santillo. The last session includes a publishing party! Family members are invited to add a page of their memories to the books.


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