Brittaney Brannock Returns to the Four Corners Music Festival!

Brittaney Brannock

We are extremely excited to welcome back again to the Four Corners Music Festival Melrose native Brittaney Brannock. Brittaney has been writing and performing music as long as she can remember. She loves to reach people through music, and she loves the thrill of doing a great show, plus the challenge and permanence of writing a great song. She recently won first prize in the Music Cares and Grammy Foundation’s Teens Make Music Songwriting Contest with her song, “What I’ll Never Get.” You can read more about Brittaney and her musical journey in this Melrose Free Press article, and you can hear the award-winning song and some of Brannock’s other original compositions on her website—and then come see her in person at the Four Corners Music Festival on Saturday at the Horace Mann School from 4-8 p.m.

Brittaney also has a Facebook page and a YouTube channel, and her music is available for download in the iTunes Store.


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