Melrose at Moderate Risk Level for West Nile Virus

Mosquitoes from Melrose have been diagnosed with West Nile Virus. Melrose joins Malden, Medford, Reading, Cambridge, Somerville and Boston in this area of Massachusetts to have mosquitoes positive with West Nile Virus. This puts Melrose in the Moderate Risk Level for West Nile Virus, a status that Melrose has held in the past as most years this virus is found in our moquitoes.

The type of mosquito most likely to carry the virus breeds in catch basins and in standing water, not in wetlands. The City of Melrose has completed treating half of the catch basins in the City and will complete the rest by the end of next week.

There are things people can do to protect themselves.

  • Wear mosquito repellent when outdoors
  • Weather permitting, wear long sleeves and long pants when outdoors during peak mosquito hours (from dusk to dawn)
  • Use mosquito netting on baby carriages and playpens outdoors
  • Repair window and door screens in your home
  • Dump standing water twice weekly
  • Be aware of stagnant water on private property (e.g. unused swimming pools)—these should be reported to the Melrose Board of Health at 781-979-4130.

Be sure to regularly check the DPH website to see if any changes have been made to our area’s risk level.


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