LED Streetlights: Tell Us Which You Like Best!

Melrose residents will get to compare and contrast three different types of streetlights and offer opinions on a proposed LED streetlight upgrade for the City of Melrose.

If the Board of Aldermen approves the plan, the City will replace all city-owned streetlights with long-lasting, energy-efficient LED streetlights.

Many Massachusetts cities and towns have upgraded their city-owned streetlights to energy efficient LEDs including our neighbors Arlington, Winchester, and Woburn as well as Boston, Cambridge, and the entire Cape. LEDs provide municipalities with utility and maintenance savings of up to 70% as well as other benefits such as an extended lifecycle, reduced light pollution at night, improved lighting quality, and reduced carbon emissions over existing technology.

Six sample streetlight fixtures have been installed along Laurel Street between Lebanon and Sixth Streets. There are two fixtures each from three equipment vendors of similar wattage and lumens that would replace the existing 50-watt high pressure sodium streetlights that exist on most residential streets in Melrose. The circled points on the map below indicate poles and the vendor name for the sample lights on Laurel Street.


The City is seeking input from Melrose residents via various news and social media outlets in order to gather feedback about the three different fixtures from the public. Please share your feedback and impressions with us via this survey or by contacting Energy Efficiency Manager Martha Grover directly at 781-979-4195 or at mgrover@cityofmelrose.org. This is just one of the factors that will be considered, along with price and product features, as part of the final decision.

The overall project cost is estimated to be $1.2 million. Melrose was just awarded a competitive Green Community Grant of $225,000 from the Department of Energy Resources towards the streetlight upgrade. In addition, the project is eligible for a utility incentive of about $200,000 given the significant savings in switching to LEDs. Annual utility and maintenance savings are projected to be $145,000 which results in a simple project payback of just over five years. All fixtures come with a 10 year warranty, and the lifetime of the LED lights is typically four times that of the high-pressure sodium lights they are replacing.

Streetlights represent seven percent of the City’s annual energy usage with an annual utility and maintenance cost of $230,000.

The Board of Aldermen will review and consider the project for approval in August and September. If approval is granted, the installation would likely take place in November and December.


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