Stoneham ZBA to Meet on Weiss Farm Project Wednesday

Below is an e-mail we received from the Friends of Stoneham organization, with some information on an upcoming Stoneham Zoning Board of Appeals meeting regarding the Weiss Farm project.

The next public hearing by the Stoneham Zoning Board of Appeals on the 40B apartment project planned for Weiss Farm is scheduled for 7.30 PM on Wednesday, August 26, in the Banquet Room of the Town Hall.

The meeting will focus on the traffic impact of the project. See meeting agenda on the Town website.

Residents of Stoneham, and surrounding towns, such as Malden and Melrose, have stated their concerns about the size and density of this project at the proposed location and the inevitable increase in traffic and congestion along heavily traveled Franklin Street and other secondary roads. The application provides for construction of 264 apartments and 438 parking spaces at 170 Franklin Street [in Stoneham].

On July 21, 2015, the Stoneham Board of Appeals filed a complaint in Middlesex Superior Court challenging the Housing Appeals Committee (HAC) adverse decision against the Town regarding the land area statutory minimum of 1.5%. In addition, the complaint requests a declaratory judgment that portions of the regulations relied upon by HAC are invalid. See copy of the complaint on the Town website.

In other news, on July 22, 2015, the Stoneham Conservation Commission voted unanimously to deny the apartment project. For details, go the “Updates & Events” page of the Friends of Stoneham website under “Project Updates.” To catch up on general news regarding the Weiss Farm Project, go to the “Links” page and click on any of the newspaper articles hyperlinked in reverse date order.

Please show your concern and attend the ZBA meeting this Wednesday.


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