Stoneham Zoning Board to Meet Tonight About Weiss Farm

Here is an e-mail we received from the Friends of Stoneham.

The next public hearing by the Stoneham Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) on the 40B apartment project proposed for Weiss Farm is scheduled for 7.30 PM on Thursday, September 10, in the Hearing Room of the Town Hall. See meeting agenda at

The meeting will focus on architecture and landscaping. There may also be some follow-up discussion on traffic impact from the last meeting held on August 26.

At the last ZBA meeting held on August 26, the developer explained its traffic study conducted on September 19, 2013. Stoneham’s peer review consultant, Jeffrey Dirk, gave an oral report responding to the developer’s traffic study. Then the ZBA heard from residents of Stoneham, Melrose, and Malden. Selectwomen Caroline Colarusso and Ann Marie O’Neil of Stoneham expressed their concerns over possible shortcomings in the developer’s traffic study. Alderwoman-at-Large Monica Medeiros of Melrose asked for additional traffic studies at several streets intersecting Franklin Street in Melrose. She expressed concern about the Melrose Highlands area, where there are many pedestrians. Brian DeLacy of Malden asked for traffic studies at specific intersections in Malden, which he was familiar with. Stoneham Special Counsel Jon Witten asked the developer to consider the traffic impact on Malden and Melrose. The hearing can be viewed on your computer using the on-demand feature at Stoneham TV. See

To stay current on project developments, go the “Updates & Events” page of the Friends of Stoneham website at To catch up on general news regarding the Weiss Farm Project, go to the “Links” page and click on any of the newspaper articles hyperlinked in reverse date order.

Please show your concern and attend the ZBA hearing this Thursday.


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