First Middle School Dance Is September 18

Here is a press release we received from the Melrose Highlands Congregational Church.

“The Dance Church” Hosts the First Middle School Dance of 2015 on Friday, September 18, 7-9 p.m.

Known in Melrose as “The Dance Church,” the Melrose Highlands Congregational Church (MHCC) has been packing its Fellowship Hall for nearly 50 years with Melrose’s only monthly middle school dances.

The first middle school dance of the year will be held Friday, September 18, from 7-9 pm, featuring DJ Gemini Music. All Melrose students in grades 6, 7, and 8 are invited to attend. Admission is $8. Note that all dances now end at 9 p.m. to better accommodate students’ and volunteers’ schedules.

“There is really nothing in Melrose like the middle school dances. You can be yourself and have fun,” said Janille Hartung, who attended dances as a middle school student and is now MHCC’s Middle School Youth Group Director. “I made so many friends outside of my classmates at those dances. Without the dances, I wouldn’t have met them.”

Dances are the MHCC’s longest running outreach activity to the Melrose community. Proceeds support a variety of service and outreach activities as well as MHCC’s Youth Group, which brings together kids from across Melrose (including those not affiliated with the church) who are interested in getting involved in hands-on community service activities.

What you should know:

Dances are safe and supervised:

  • Parent chaperones and a police officer are present and there to help students at every dance.
  • Students are required to stay at the dance until it ends at 9 pm unless they notify a chaperone and are picked up by a parent.
  • Only 380 students will be admitted to the dance hall. When we reach capacity, no additional students will be admitted, even if some youth leave the dance early. Parents, please be prepared to pick up your child in case the dance is full.
  • Additional safety rules are posted at the entrance of the building and everyone should read them carefully.

Please keep valuables at home and observe the dress code:

  • No bare backs or mid-drifts; no strapless tops.
  • Jackets, sweatshirts, and backpacks must be stored in the coat closet and hats and pocketbooks must be kept and on a rack in the kitchen, which is monitored by a chaperone.
  • Please keep your phone in your pocket.

Don’t forget cash:

  • A variety of beverages are available at the concession stand.
  • Admission to the dance is $8. Exact change will make the line move faster.

We need chaperones!

  • Chaperoning an event is a great way to see what dances are all about—even if your child has not yet reached middle school.
  • Parents interested in volunteering, contact:

The second dance of 2015 will be Friday, October 16. To see dates for the entire year, visit


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