Remembering Ed Cassidy

Ed CassidyWith the passing of Ed Cassidy, we have lost not only a great Melrosian but one of the visionaries for today’s Melrose, a man who gave generously of his time and talent in order to help create the thriving, beautiful city we are today.

I know many of you know Ed and his wife Joan because they have been so active in our community. What you may not know is how instrumental Ed was in guiding Melrose through almost four decades of growth and change. Ed served on the Melrose Planning Board for 37 years, and during that time he was a leader who guided development in a thoughtful and astute way. He had very high standards and high expectations for quality design, which is reflected in some of the more significant development projects in Melrose. He saw the big picture and could articulate planning and design in such a way that others could understand it as well. He leaves an incredible legacy, and his knowledge and passion touch every corner of the community.


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