Road Construction Update for October 30

Lebanon Street/DOT Project
Lebanon Street outbound closed at Grove Street.
Grove Street and Laurel Street closed at Gooch Street.
East Foster Street inbound closed at Gooch Street.
East Emerson Street may also be closed in the work area.

Sidewalk Work
Whittier Street will be closed to through traffic between Baxter and Wyoming.

National Grid
Gas work on Goss and Harold streets


Farmers Market Open Today!


Today is the last day of the regular season for the Sally Frank’s Farmers’ Market. The market is at Bowden Park, next to the Cedar Park train station, and is open till 6 p.m. this evening. Stop down and stock up on apples, butternut squash, and all your fall fruits and vegetables. Here’s what else is going on:

  • Ackerman Maple Farms has maple syrup, candy, and other goodies
  • The iRaiders Robotics Team will be selling tickets for the 8th Annual Melrose Kitchen Tour
  • Pleasant Moments has glycerin soaps and natural scents
  • Shady Pine Farm is taking orders for Thanksgiving turkeys
  • Dick’s Market Garden has apples for $1/lb.
  • Melissa Tarr has fluttershawls from Design of Mine
  • Don Borchelt and Ed Britt will be playing bluegrass music on their banjos all day
  • Ride your bike and get $2 in Market Money!

And mark your calendar for the first Winter Market on November 22 at Memorial Hall.

Street Sweeping Begins This Week

As you may already have noticed, the City of Melrose fall street sweeping program began this week. Each Ward and Precinct will be swept in the order reflected in the schedule below.

Please make every effort to have vehicles removed from the roadway on scheduled days to ensure proper sweeping of your street.

This schedule is subject to weather and will be updated as necessary.

Main Roads – October 26 to 30
Ward 4, Precinct 1 – November 2 and 3
Ward 6, Precinct 1 – November 4 and 5
Ward 5, Precinct 1 – November 6 and 9
Ward 5, Precinct 2 – November 10 and 12
Ward 3, Precinct 2 – November 13 and 16
Ward 3, Precinct 1 – November 17 and 18
Ward 1, Precinct 1 – November 19 and 20
Ward 1, Precinct 2 – November 23 and 24
Ward 2, Precinct 1 – November 25 and 30
Ward 2, Precinct 2 – December 1 and 2
Ward 4, Precinct 2 – December 3 and 4
Ward 6, Precinct 2 – December 7 and 8
Ward 7, Precinct 2 – December 9 and 10
Ward 7, Precinct 1 – December 11 and 14
Main Roads – December 15 to 18

The Department of Public Works appreciates your cooperation during our sweeping efforts.

Thank you for keeping Melrose clean!

Road Construction Update for October 29

Lebanon Street/DOT Project
East Emerson Street closed between Lebanon and Rowe streets; work may move to the section between Main and Lebanon streets later in the day.
Lebanon Street outbound closed at East Foster Street.

Sidewalk Work
Curb work on the east side of Whittier Street, between Baxter and Wyoming. Work will start in late morning, weather permitting.

National Grid
Gas work on Goss Street.
Repair work on Aaron Street.

Students Meet with Veterans for Interactive History Lesson

Veterans in the Classroom 2015

Today, Melrose High School freshman history students had an amazing opportunity to meet with veterans of several different wars, from World War II onward, as well as active duty servicemen and servicewomen—a real interactive history lesson—as part of the Veterans in the Classroom program. The students were responsible for interviewing these past and present members of our military and producing biographies of them. Members of Melrose High School’s Melrose Veterans Memory Project also interviewed them to further document their live and their experiences serving our nation. This program, done in collaboration with the City of Melrose Veterans Department and the Melrose Public Schools, is getting bigger every year. Many thanks to Melrose High School teacher Lisa Lord, Veterans Services Officer Ryan McLane, and Veterans Services Advisory Board Chair Bob Driscoll for this incredible intergenerational history lesson that these young students will never forget.