Celebrate 40 Years of the GAPP Program on October 20

Please join me on October 20 for this significant event!

On Tuesday, October 20th, The German American Partnership Program will be recognizing its 40th anniversary with a community celebration at Memorial Hall.

If you were ever involved in the GAPP Program as a student, a host family, an administrator, or a supporter, please join Mayor Rob Dolan and Superintendent of Schools Cyndy Taymore in honoring 40 years of this remarkable exchange program.

“The Melrose-Oberalster partnership, established in 1975, is one of the two longest existing GAPP programs in the United States,” said Mayor Rob Dolan. “This is a remarkable achievement and a testament to all those who have been involved over the years. I want to especially thank Dr. Phyllis Dragonas for spearheading the creation of the GAPP Program in Melrose and always making is sure it was special for those involved. It now continues to thrive under the outstanding leadership of Director of Global Languages Dr. Kim Talbot. This event will be a great opportunity for all those who have participated in the past, whether it be as a student, supporter, or a host family, to reunite.”

“This program is a model for all exchange programs,” said Superintendent of Schools Cyndy Taymore, “not solely because of its longevity, but also because of the personal experiences and relationships it fosters for every student, host family, and administrator that participates. The GAPP program continues to flourish thanks to the work and support of so many in the Melrose community, as well as the guidance provided by Sean Miner and Michelle Stepper.”

The German American Partnership Program was created in an attempt to develop a real-life experience that would serve as an added dimension to the study of the German language at Melrose High School. A four week student partnership program was established with Gymnasium Oberalster, located in a residential community of Hamburg, Germany. This student exchange between the two schools is under the sponsorship of the Goethe Institute, which serves as the German Cultural Embassy in this country.

If you would like to attend this free event, please RSVP at GAPPanniversary@cityofmelrose.org

GAPP 40th Anniversary celebration
Tuesday, October 20th at 6:30pm
Memorial Hall, 590 Main Street


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