City Wide Band Night Is October 14

Find out what it’s like to be in a marching band! City Wide Band Night is October 14; here’s everything you need to know:

  • Students grades 3 – 8 are invited to an open rehearsal with the MHS Marching Band.
  • All students are welcome and anyone who plays a band instrument is highly encouraged to attend!
  • Report to Fred Green Field at 5:50pm on Wednesday October 14th
  • Parents should take a seat in the stands in front of the press box
  • Students can come down and sit on the field (students may also sit in the stands with parents if they want)
  • Rehearsal will start at 6:00pm with a short playing intro from the band and color guard followed by introductions
  • Students will then be invited out onto the field (they may bring their instruments) and will break into sectionals to be led by the high school band members
  • Students will learn some basic marching positions, terms, concepts, etc while marching together with their friends.
  • Parents are welcome to and encouraged to take pictures during this time
  • The MHS Marching Band will perform their 2015 Halftime Show at 6:50
  • WROR will be there again this year!

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