Melrose Recognizes Its Veterans on Veterans Day

Tomorrow we would like to recognize all our citizens who are veterans for their service to our country. The City of Melrose Veterans Day ceremonies will take place beginning at 10 a.m. at the Honor Roll on Main Street, opposite City Hall, and will proceed from there to the Vietnam War monument and the World War I monument at the Knoll.

We would also like to recognize our City employees who are veterans. Please join the City of Melrose in genuinely acknowledging and offering our gratitude to our employees who have performed Military Service. Our veterans delay personal plans, sacrifice time with family and serve our country in a very distinct and honorable way.

Veteran’s Services Office:
Ryan McLane
Alicia Reddin

Police Department:
Richard Connors
Kevin Mulrenan
Levi DiFranza
Mark DeCroteau
William Higgins
Nicholas MacIntosh
Brian Ladner
Brian Trainor
Joseph Collins
Stephen Galvin
Daniel Elhers
Daniel Goodhue
William O’Donnell
Ron Alley
Robert Mann
Joseph Stamegna
Timothy Maher
Michael Plumer
Leonard Ford
John Goodhue
Gregory Forestell
Paul Mackey

Fire Department:
James Winslow
Chris Dillon
James Hennessy
Stephen Judge
John White
Robert Driscoll
Chris Cook
Ken MacIntosh
Scott Alley
William Stare
Chris Walsh
Aaron Paskalis
Matthew Brammer
Brian Moran
Alan Johnson
Robert McVoy

Department of Public Works
Matthew Hickey
Nicholas Vrooman
Mark Sheridan
Jack Rizzari

IT Department
Jorge Pazos

Memorial Hall
Richard Donovan


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