Road Construction Update for November 16

Lebanon Street/DOT Project
Lebanon Street closed between Upham and East Foster streets.
First Street closed at Gooch.
Winter Street closed at Dell Avenue.
Expect closures on East Foster Street at Dell Avenue and at Gooch and Lebanon at Foster as the day closes out.
New signs are being installed on Lebanon Street, between Porter and Upham, and on Upham between Dell and Gooch.

Essex Street Project
Essex Street northbound closed at Willow Street due to sidewalk work between Willow and West Emerson streets.
Gas work on Essex Street opposite Shaw’s.

Sidewalk Work
Expect delays on Baxter Street between Whittier Street and Conant Park.
Also: Berm installation work on Beech (between Swains and Wheeler), Woodland (between Greenwood and Clifton Pk), Greenleaf Place, and Farwell at Hesseltine Avenue.

Whittier Street closed between Sibley and West Wyoming Avenue.

National Grid
New gas main being installed on Harold Street at Goss Avenue.


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