Road Construction and DPW Update for Thanksgiving Week

Here is the DPW schedule for the balance of this week. There will be no road work on Thursday or Friday.

DPW Operations

  • DPW will be open a full day on Wednesday. Regular hours are in effect for both office, operations, facility and project crews.
  • Recycling Center @ DPW Operations Center is closed on Thursday and Friday; open for drop off on Saturday.
  • Thursday curbside trash and recycling is on Friday; Friday routes will be collected on Saturday.
  • Next week is the last curbside collection week for yard waste.

Road Construction

  • Baxter Street Roadway Project: Final paving on Wednesday.
  • Lebanon Street: Clean up and landscaping of Lebanon @ Grove/Lynde Island and other finishing work.
  • Tremont Street: Water work continues, with work focused on the area of the skateboard park and DCR pool.
  • Hillside Park is scheduled to be paved on Wednesday morning (from Maple Terrace to top of hill and around corner).

Next Week

  • Gas work will resume on Essex Street.
  • Water work will continue on Tremont Street.
  • Minor work on Whittier Street will continue as part of the Baxter Street project.

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