Looking Back and Looking Ahead

Today is Inauguration Day, and I would like to thank the citizens of Melrose for the privilege of serving as Mayor. Mr. Steve Baldi interviewed me a few months ago, talking about my tenure as Mayor, and he has put together this video. Sometimes it’s important to step back and look at what we have collectively accomplished as a community, and in tonight’s Inaugural Address I hope to paint a picture for you of my vision for the future of Melrose. Thank you all for your support and confidence, and I promise to give you everything I have during this coming term.


One thought on “Looking Back and Looking Ahead

  1. Rob, Your Honor, thank you for being such a great mayor over the years. You really do care about our city and everyone who is fortunate enough to live in it.
    And many many thanks to your family who has shared you with Melrose.

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