Community Electricity Aggregation Update

Here is an update on our Community Electricity Aggregation program from our Energy Efficiency Manager, Martha Grover.

Now that residents and businesses are receiving their January electric bills from National Grid, questions are coming in to City Hall regarding when the new Melrose Community Electricity Aggregation (CEA) Program rate takes effect. The Melrose CEA Program is an electricity supply choice offered to residents and businesses as a way to stabilize and reduce rates over the 12-month contract term that began this month.

In November, all eligible National Grid account holders were sent a letter informing them of the program and offering the opportunity to opt out. The 30-day opt-out period required by Massachusetts law closed in late December. In early January, all eligible accounts not opted out of the program were enrolled with Constellation, the selected City supplier, as of January meter read dates, which differ by account. Enrolled customers should see the new rate of $0.09616 per kWh under the Supply Services section on their February National Grid bill for Jan-Feb usage. The rate will stay fixed through the Dec-Jan billing period on your January 2017 electric bill.

Here are the answers to some recently asked questions about the Program:

How do I know if I’m in the Melrose CEA Program? If you were on the default Basic Service Fixed supply rate with National Grid and did not opt out, your account was enrolled with Constellation. On your January electric bill, you will see a message from National Grid on page one under the Amount Due that says “Our records indicate that you have switched your supplier option to CONSTELLATION (MELROSE AGG) Supplier.”

What do I do if I mailed in the opt-out postcard by accident and I want to be in the Melrose CEA Program now? Call Constellation at 855-310-5567 to enroll in the program. Constellation will follow up with a phone call to confirm your Program participation. It may take one or two billing cycles for the new rate to take effect.

How do I join the Melrose CEA Program if I’m currently with another electricity supplier? In this case, there are additional considerations. Call your current supplier and find out if you are on a contract, when it expires, what the rate is through the end of the contract, and if there is a termination fee if you cancel the contract early. Compare your current rate to the 9.6 cents per kWh Constellation rate, add the contract termination fee if applicable, and determine if it makes sense to switch now or wait until your contract expires. You can call Constellation at 855-310-5567 to sign up for the Melrose Program. Constellation will follow up with a phone call to confirm your Program participation. It could take one or two billing cycles for the change to appear on your National Grid bill.

What will happen when the Constellation contract term ends? The City will monitor the Program with our energy consultants from Good Energy over the course of the contract. At some point later this year, the City will solicit supplier bids once again for a new contract and if a supplier is selected, all eligible account holders will receive opt-out letters with the new Melrose CEA Program rates for the next term.

How do I cancel participation in the Melrose CEA Program? Throughout the Program, you can terminate your participation at any time without penalty simply by calling Constellation. You will have an opportunity to re-join the Program when a new supply contract begins in January 2017.

How many accounts were enrolled in the Program? As of mid-January, of the 10,266 eligible residential and commercial Melrose accounts, 9,781 accounts were enrolled with Constellation. Only 485 accounts opted out.

Do you have more questions not answered here? Go to or contact Melrose Energy Efficiency Manager Martha Grover at 781-979-4195 or


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