Message from the Cub Scouts: Slow Down and Drive with Care

Cub Scouts 2-10-16

Cub Scouts Pack 615, Den 4, came to my office yesterday to speak to Police Chief Mike Lyle and I about our community. They are earning their Wolf badge, and part of that is to identify a problem in our community and discuss a solution. They decided to focus on traffic safety, because it’s something that directly affects their lives every day. As they walk to and from school and ride their bikes around Melrose, they often have to deal with people who are driving too fast, talking on their cell phones, being distracted when they drive, and not stopping for pedestrians.

We talked about this and the Scouts came up with some reminders for all citizens:

  • Don’t speed, because you could hit someone—maybe a child!
  • You don’t read and walk—don’t text and drive!
  • If you must talk on the phone, use a hands-free phone
  • Look at the road at all times.
  • Slow down—it can wait!
  • Wear your seat belt!

These are our neighbors and our children. Please take their suggestions to heart!


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