Green Team Gets It Done Year Round

In 2012, the Department of Public Works reorganized itself with the goal of maximizing services to the residents of Melrose. This reorganization resulted in the creation of the DPW Green Team, which is focused on maintaining our parks, grounds, and fields. The reorganization created flexibility within the DPW workforce to handle this massive task in-house. There is not only a financial benefit to not having to pay a private landscaping company, but I would also argue our parks and fields have never looked better because of the care and pride our DPW staff puts into their work.

I am asked from time to time what the Green Team does during the winter when our fields and parks are covered in snow. As you can see from the list below, their value is seen year round with the work that they completed in just a short time this winter.

2016 Winter Green Team Projects
January 4, 2016 to date

Support IT Upgrade Project

  • Moved skids of computers from the High School to the Horace Mann
  • Removed, stacked, skid and disposed computer equipment from Franklin (23 monitors and hard drives, keyboards)
  • Removed computer equipment from Horace Mann (18 monitors and hard drives, keyboards)
  • Moved pallets of computers from High School to Winthrop (IT Department)
  • Recycled computers and electronics from City Hall (IT)
  • Moved 2 pallets of computers from High School to Lincoln School
  • Picked up old computers etc. from Hoover School
  • Picked up old computers etc. from Winthrop School
  • Removed 51 computers monitors, towers, etc. from the Lincoln
  • Packaged, delivered & recycled equipment removed

Furniture Moves

  • Moved furniture/file cabinets for Engineering Department
  • Moved furniture at the Lincoln to support classroom changes
  • Moved two classrooms at the Middle School
  • Moved file cabinets at the MVMMS
  • Delivered ice melt to municipal buildings and schools
  • Moved the iRobotic wooden boards—High School to MVMMS then back to High School
  • Moved furniture and cabinets in City Hall
  • Moved Chromebook carts at Winthrop

Energy Conservation Small Projects

  • Put insulation in the old fleet garage
  • Put insulation in the Fred Green Bathrooms

Clean Outs/Major Cleaning

  • Cleaned, sanitized and vacuumed the MVMMS auditorium
  • Cleaned bleachers at MVMMS and High School
  • Dry mopped gym floors weekly
  • Cleaned out MHS garage to make room for additional school vans
  • Cleaned and scrubbed the MVMMS project room white boards
  • Washed stairwell wall at the MVMMS
  • Cleaned break/training room of Operations Facility
  • Cleaned second floor employee bathroom at Operations Facility
  • Washed windows in City Hall
  • Vacuumed rugs and mats at City Hall
  • Cleaned out Kimball Court & Monthly Maintenance
  • Cleaned out Central Fire Station—basement and attic

Painting Projects

  • Painted hallway at Ops Facility
  • Painted second floor bathroom at Ops Fac
  • Painted bathrooms at Horace Mann
  • Painted second floor Fire Doors at Hoover
  • Painted City Engineer’s office, DPW Office, City Hall
  • Painting Photography classroom at High School
  • Painting Foreign Language Lab
  • Painting basement conference room of City Hall

Misc Projects

  • Worked with City Plumber at Engine One to move water heater
  • Assist with remodeling unused bathroom at High School
  • Fixed fence at Fred Green
  • Xmas tree pick up and shredding
  • Tree Work @ Pine Banks

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