Raising Awareness of the Needs of People in the Area

Scott Macaulay, local humanitarian, will be working to raise awareness of the plight of homeless people and the need for food by many people in the area in a special project on Friday, March 18th, regardless of the weather. Macaulay will spend the night on the lawn of the First Baptist Church, 561 Main Street, Melrose, portraying a homeless person. The public is invited to bring donations of non-perishable items for the Melrose Food Pantries, The Pantry of Hope at the First Baptist Church and A Servant’s Heart at the Faith Evangelical Church at 200 Franklin Street and other food pantries in the area. Macaulay has spent several nights in Boston living with the homeless population and has presented programs to various organizations about his experiences. He is well known in the area for the annual Thanksgiving dinners that he offers to anyone who does not have a place to go for a meal. For questions concerning the food pantries, please call 781-665-4470 at the First Baptist and 781-662-8226 at the Faith Evangelical Church.


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