Melrose’s Electricity Aggregation Program Leads the Way!

The Barr Foundation, which helped fund our Municipal Electricity Aggregation Program, has a nice article that describes what these programs are about and how they are helping increase the use of renewable energy in Massachusetts.

Melrose, for example, with about 9,000 customers, increased the renewable portion of its supply in 2016 from the 11% required by the RPS [Renewable Portfolio Standard] to 16%. This represents the purchase of an extra 3,000 megawatt hours (MWh) of renewable power, supporting about 1 MW of new, local renewable generation. The contract also saves Melrose residents money, with rates at least 20% below last year’s average rates.

And now the Metropolitan Area Planning Commission (MAPC) is hoping to bring aggregation to more communities:

With Melrose’s success providing inspiration, MAPC has now launched an initiative to bring the green aggregation model to all 101 of its member cities and towns.


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