Receivership Program Rehabs Abandoned Properties

21 Mount Hood

I wanted to let you know about the city’s Receivership Program, which is a new tool our inspectional service departments are using to aggressively address the negative impact that abandoned, blighted, and foreclosed properties have on our neighborhoods.

A receivership is a process authorized by state law to place such properties under the control of a court-appointed and supervised “receiver.” This is a highly effective tool in addressing properties in our community which are repeatedly and constantly found in violation of building and sanitary codes.

As a result of a coordinated strategy among multiple city agencies, led by a committed team of inspectional services staff, our first effort in appointing a receiver at 21 Mount Hood Terrace was hugely successful. It’s an effective way to clean up properties that would otherwise be blighting our neighborhoods—and give more families a chance to own a home in Melrose!

Check out these before-and-after photos of 21 Mount Hood Terrace. We are using the receivership process at another location, and we may consider it for other problem properties as well.

21 Mount Hood Before

21 Mount Hood Before Poster

21 Mount Hood After Poster


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