Follow-Up Message: Students Have Returned to Class

The following message was just sent out by the Melrose Schools.

Students have returned to class

Students at Melrose High School and Middle School have returned to class. We have reviewed the threat and do not feel that there is a significant risk. We have swept the building with support from the police and fire departments. Additionally, we followed the protocol established by the North Eastern MA Law Enforcement Council. We will continue to monitor the building security throughout the day.

Please know that we are one of at least twenty districts who received this call.

Keeping to our normal routine is the best way to prevent such events in the future and keep us safe. Please reassure your students that we are doing everything we can to make sure that school is safe. Remember that our feeling of safety is also important. We have asked staff to be particularly aware of students having difficulties.

If your student is upset or concerned, Guidance staff is available throughout the day to meet with students who need support.

This new situation of messages to schools is extremely disruptive and will be taken seriously by the police. If anyone has any information on the source of these messages, please contact us immediately.


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