Help Out with the Emergency Preparedness Drill on April 20

Melrose residents are invited to participate in an event to practice emergency preparedness for our community. If the City needs to distribute supplies (such as water) or medication (if there is a disease outbreak), a “Drive Through Clinic” will be set up for families to come and pick up the supplies or medication.

Wednesday, April 20 from 4 – 8 pm, the public is invited to come to the Northeast Regional Vocational School at 100 Hemlock Road Wakefield (in back of the Wakefield High School on Farm Road). You will “drive through” the site and receive a gallon of water, a tote with a variety of information, and “practice medication.” In addition, if you have child seats in your car, a police officer certified in child car seats will check your car seat(s) to ensure it has been installed safely!

This exercise will help determine which sites will work for our area in the case of a regional emergency. It is important that our community practice this so that we are prepared in the case of a real crisis. If you have any questions, please feel free to call the Melrose Health Department at 781-979-4130 or


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