Melrose Students Participate In National History Bee Finals

Christopher Terranova
Christopher Terranova

This was recently posted on the Melrose Schools website.

Two Melrose Veterans Memorial Middle School students recently participated in the National History Bee Finals in Chicago, IL. Both Christopher Terranova and Matthew Frawley qualified for the event, held June 10 and 11, by achieving an eligible score during the Boston Regional Finals, which were held here at the Melrose Veterans Middle School in April.

Matthew Frawley
Matthew Frawley

Christopher competed with over 420 8th graders from around the county. Matthew was in the 7th grade division, including more than 325 students. Both boys answered questions pulled from all aspects of world history, including military, social, culture and arts, politics, and science. The format was structured with 10 participants on a panel, competing head-to-head to be the first to “buzz-in” with the correct answer. Each round includes 30 questions and the boys participated in 5 rounds each.

Christopher TerranovaThe National History Bee is an academic competition for elementary and middle school students that tests knowledge of a wide range of historical topics.For more information, see:


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