Melrose Leads the Way in Renewable Energy

A new report by Environment Massachusetts highlights the 100 cities and towns, including Melrose, that are moving toward 100% renewable energy.

The report links to a more comprehensive report that includes a profile of Melrose’s progress, which includes

  • Melrose’s green municipal electricity aggregation program, which offers Melrose residents the option to purchase electricity from renewable sources at competitive rates;
  • The adoption of fuel efficiency standards for municipal vehicles;
  • The adoption of the state’s more energy-efficient “stretch code” for new buildings;
  • The purchase of two electric cars for City use, and installation of a public electric car charger in the City Hall parking lot;
  • Conversion of city streetlights to LED bulbs;
  • Working with the public to encourage solar energy installation, energy audits, and other energy efficiency measures.

I want to recognize our Green Energy Manager, Martha Grover, and the Melrose Energy Commission who have spearheaded these efforts and helped bring Melrose to the vanguard of Massachusetts cities and towns when it comes to green energy and energy efficiency.


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