MHS News: Meet Assistant Principal Bryan Corrigan

Bryan Corrigan 2

This post was written by summer intern Michael O’Neill.

Newly promoted assistant principal Bryan Corrigan will be a familiar face to many Melrose High School students: For the past four years he has been Director of Social Studies for grades 6-12.

Assistant Principal Corrigan looks forward to working with Melrose High School’s staff to give students the best education possible. “I believe that good teaching is everything for a school,” he says, “and I feel that in my role as an administrator I can support a lot of teachers—not just in curriculum instruction but also making sure they have what they need to do their job on a daily basis.”

While he has long-term goals in mind for the high school, Assistant Principal Corrigan says the first priority will be to keep up what last year’s administration started. “We’ve done a tremendous amount of work over the past four years,” he says. “Goal number one is to just continue that work.” He hopes to continue strengthening Melrose High School’s Advanced Placement (AP) programs, supporting students at all levels, and increasing social and emotional learning within the schools. Further down the road, he wants to explore competency-based education, which he says will provide students “a little bit more flexibility” and “a ton of opportunity to explore what they’re interested in” by letting each student move at their own pace.

Assistant Principal Corrigan concedes he will miss teaching classes directly, but he is glad he will still be able to interact with students daily. He will be supporting the 10th and 12th grades as the assistant principal assigned to those grades, helping out with everything from prom and graduation to student discipline. He will be spending time with members of the 9th grade as well: “Each grade has class advisors that I hope to work really closely with,” he says.

On a personal level, one of Assistant Principal Corrigan’s challenges this year will be juggling his new role with the upcoming birth of his child. Additionally, while he admits that “there are things you just can’t anticipate” at any new job, he’s confident he and the other school administrators will be able to handle whatever comes their way: “It’s a good staff with a diverse skill set.”

Assistant Principal Corrigan is optimistic about the future of Melrose Public Schools. “I really feel like the school district is on a great track,” he says. He’s excited for the students to be back in school and see the new construction, and to help contribute to the Melrose community. “I enjoy working here and I enjoy working in Melrose,” he says. “This district’s in a great place and there’s potential to be even greater.”


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