Melrose Mourns Alderman Bill Forbes


I join the citizens of Melrose in mourning the loss of Alderman William Forbes.

Bill was an American hero who served with distinction in the Vietnam War. He was a great coach, a civic leader, a true man of faith to his church, and a devoted father, grandfather, and husband.

Like my parents, Bill came to Melrose to seek a better life for his children and family. Like many new Melrosians today, he fell in love with this community. He dedicated his years in Melrose to giving back more to this city than he ever received. Until his final days, he tirelessly advocated for the future of this community, its children, its veterans, and its seniors. To me he is the perfect example of a citizen activist, and I am forever grateful for his constant counsel, which he shared until his last days.

Bill and Mary have passed down their love of their city and their country to their children, who are veterans, and in particular to their son, Alderman Scott Forbes, who continues his family tradition of service to the city. We have lost a great Melrosian and a great American, and we thank his family for sharing him with us.


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