Here’s a Look at the Plans for Modular Classrooms

Last Tuesday night, the Melrose School Building Committee presented its proposal to the School Committee for modular classrooms at the Winthrop and Hoover elementary schools and a renovation at the Horace Mann school. These actions are needed to meet expanded population needs for the school year 2017-8. I want to be clear that this is the beginning of the process, not the end. These are initial, raw designs of a solution to a challenge this community currently faces regarding the increased school population.

The next part of this process is going before the Aldermen’s Committee on Appropriations on Thursday, October 13, to seek funding for architectural designs. As the designs progress, the School Building Committee will hold public forums at the Hoover, Winthrop, and Horace Mann schools to seek feedback from the school community and the neighborhood. These meetings will be similar to the one held at the Lincoln School when we were deciding which actions to take. As we move forward, we will then seek full funding for the project from the Board of Aldermen.

You can download a larger version of this presentation in PDF format here. I invite you to be part of this process as it moves forward.















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