Alderman Scott Forbes and Forbes Family Collecting Socks for the Homeless

Ward 7 Alderman Scott Forbes and the Forbes Family are participating in the Socks for the Homeless Drive this year. We are collecting all types (new, old, colorful, dress, adult, kids, etc.) which will be distributed at shelters throughout the Commonwealth of MA. Why not update your sock drawers a little bit early this year instead of waiting for the holiday season?

Last year, over 21,000 in Massachusetts experienced homelessness periods during the cold months of January/February. Currently there are 3,700+ families with children in the MA Emergency Assistance Shelter Program. A little bit certainly goes a long way and a subtle gesture such as this truly makes a difference.

Our Socks for the Homeless Drive ends on 12/9/16, as we plan to deliver everything to the shelters on the following day. We are excited to have the community participate, as there are multiple locations to DROP YOUR SOCKS off! Thank you for your kindness and generosity this holiday season—and we hope to see some of your socks in our containers real soon!

DROP YOUR SOCKS off Locations:

41 Mystic Avenue, Melrose
19 Ravine Terrace, Melrose
Melrose City Hall, Veterans Services Office (1st Floor)
The Cloud Nine, 40 West Wyoming Ave., Melrose


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