Melrose Participates in Metro Mayors Climate Change Summit


I was proud to be one of the speakers at the Metro Mayors Climate Change Summit last Thursday, organized by the Metropolitan Area Planning Committee. Climate change doesn’t respect boundaries; the whole region is affected, so it makes sense for us to work together. Last week, we crafted a new Climate Mitigation Commitment that will help reduce greenhouse emissions in our communities, from municipal and other sources. The document calls for specific actions, including a commitment for each municipality to create a climate mitigation plan and take three specific actions by the year 2020. Melrose is already ahead of the curve, as we have already implemented a number of the specific actions, including

  • Conducting an energy audit of all municipal buildings and upgrading them to be more energy efficient;
  • Converting our streetlights to energy-efficient LED bulbs;
  • Promoting energy audits for residents;
  • Adopting a Stretch Energy Code for new buildings;
  • Adopting Complete Streets policies;
  • Encouraging Transit Oriented Development, the placement of new residential developments near public transit nodes;
  • Acquiring two electric cars for City use;
  • Installing solar panels on several buildings;
  • Instituting a load shedding program so we reduce our energy use on days when it is expected to peak.

Stay tuned for more in 2017!


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