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Recycling Facility Holiday Schedule

All DPW offices and operations will be closing at 1:30 p.m. on Friday, December 23rd and Friday, December 30th. This closing includes the Recycling Facility at 72 Tremont Street. The Recycling Facility is also closed on Saturday, December 24th, and Saturday, December 31st. Please attend our special Recycling Holiday Event on Saturday, January 7th, from 8 a.m. to noon to recycle Styrofoam, paper, cardboard, commingles, electronics, trees, and metal goods.


2017 Solid Waste Schedule Is Now Available


The 2017 Curbside Solid Waste and Recycling Collection Schedule is now available. This schedule will be mailed out to Melrose residents this week. Copies are also available at the DPW Operations Facility & Recycling Center and at City Hall.

A PDF file of the collection calendar can also be downloaded from the city website:

Please note the additional recycling info, including a list of the 2017 recycling events (the first of which will be Sat. Jan. 7). If you have any questions please contact Sadie Brown at or 781-665-0142.


Fitzgerald Physical Therapy Is Open at Washington Street Office


Fitzgerald Physical Therapy Associates is now accepting new patients at its new office at 2 Washington Street in Melrose. Pictured above are Staff Physical Therapist Garrett McCarthy DPT, Staff Physical Therapist Ilya Gluskin DPT, Owners Holly and Sean Fitzgerald, Mayor Dolan, Front Desk Manager Heather Leahy, and Practice Administrator Kimberly Harding. FPT offers outpatient physical therapy services to a wide range of patients from Pediatric to Geriatric with a focus on orthopedic injuries and Sports Medicine.

Caution: Icy Roads Ahead

Although today may feel like spring, with temperatures in the mid 50s, we are expecting a very serious drop in temperature this evening and an even deeper drop overnight. As tonight progresses, particularly after the football game, we will begin to see some black ice, and overnight a flash freeze could happen. DPW will have salters out, however, please be careful while driving this evening and use special care tomorrow on your stairs and sidewalks and when driving. Drive slowly, give yourself plenty of time, and remember that although they are treated, the roads may still be slippery. Please use caution. Thank you.

Snow Information for December 17, 2016

We are expecting about 5 inches of snow this morning, and the snowplows are out. The City Hall server is down so e-mails cannot be received at this time.

Please call the City Yard at 781-665-0142 with any questions or concerns.

Thank you.

2016-17 Snow Shovelers List

Melrose High School has provided us with this list of students who are available to shovel snow. Price and times are up to you to coordinate with these individuals.

Brian Pelrine, 781-835-7032
Nick Richards, 781-484-8159
Radouane Dris, 857-389-8746
Matheus DeOliveira, 617-513-1846
Charles Femino, 781-507-1432
Adam Bartletta, 781-654-1922
Nathan O’Gara, 781-475-7716
Adam Lahkiky, 781-258-8874
DJ Abbas, 781-428-1271
Eli Coleman, 339-293-7354
Mike Calvert, 781-710-4843
Jack Wells, 781-307-7029
Michael Fennell, 781-572-9471
Anthony Ventura, 781-854-6121
Will Pregeo, 781-799-1448
Louis Izzi, 617-984-9466
Charlie Stanton, 781-484-8760
Ryan Long, 617-599-8389

Shop Local This Weekend!

This is the last weekend before Hanukkah and Christmas, and the malls will be packed. Avoid the crush and do your holiday shopping right here in Melrose! We have great local shops with unique gifts, and for that person who has everything, there’s always a gift certificate to one of our local restaurants or a Shop Local Gift Certificate that’s good in most local businesses. Avoid the stress and the crowds, and do your shopping here—you may even have time for a treat at one of our local coffee shops!

School Dropoff Information for December 16

Here is a message from Superintendent of Schools Cyndy Taymore.

Due to the forecasted weather conditions, please be advised of the following:

Parents are encouraged to drive their children to school.

At the high school and middle school please enter the high school parking lot, pull up to the curb, drop off and exit immediately. Please do not wait for your child to enter the building as we need to keep the flow of traffic moving.

Schools will open early and students should immediately enter the building upon arrival as noted below:

  • Elementary Schools: 8:00 a.m.*
  • Middle School: 6:30 a.m.
  • High School: 6:30 a.m.

*Students participating in the early bird or breakfast programs should arrive at their normal time.
The Franklin Early Childhood Center will open at its regular time.

There will be additional presence by the Melrose Police Department to help monitor traffic. We encourage students to dress appropriately for the weather. There will be no outdoor recess/activities.

Next Winter Farmers’ Market is December 18


The next Winter Farmers’ Market is this Sunday, December 18, from 11-3 p.m., at Memorial Hall.

See a list of all the vendors for that market here.

  • Farms bringing fresh fruit, vegetables, dried beans, meat, chicken, and cheese from 6 farmers
  • Fresh fish from Roberto’s – order ahead by calling Bob at (617) 529-5701
  • Breads and baked goods from Mamadou’s, Swiss Bakers, Bagel Land, Goodies Homemade and the Popover Lady
  • Spices and tea blends from Atlantic Saltworks, Bondat Foods and Soluna Garden
  • Relishes, jams and chutneys from Pam’s Black Bean Salsa, Coutt’s Specialty Foods, and Vermont Gourmet
  • Sodas, wines and ciders from Tower Beverages, Aaronap Winery and Pony Shack Cider
  • Pasta and pierogis from Deano’s and Jaju
  • Granola and goat’s milk yogurt from Roasted Granola
  • Hot or take home prepared soups, coffee and wonderful baked goods from The Soup Guy and Pour Man’s Coffee
  • Egyptian spreads, cured olives and fresh baked pita bread from Habibi (formerly Samira’s)
  • Apothecary from Simplicity Apothecary, Kittredge Candles, and Trow’s Treasures
  • Dog treats – all natural – from Emmett’s Edibles
  • Gifts such as jewelry from Bead Happy and Salem Street Beadery, placemats and table runners from Sarah’s Originals, children’s book from Barefoot Books
  • Even order your fresh cut holiday tree and delivered to you! … from Jollywood Christmas Tree Farm, located in the 2nd floor


Yarrow the balloon twister will be in the 2nd floor area.

Jessica Buster from Baby Songs will be leading songs in the lower level.

Vendors in the main hall, on the stage and in the 2nd floor level – lots to explore.

Do your grocery shopping, do your holiday shopping! Or just come by to see all your neighbors and wish them a happy, health holiday season!

See you at the market!

Some Advice for Snowy Weather

As any Melrose resident will know, winter weather conditions can be treacherous in this area. As the snow begins to fly, the Department of Public Works would like to remind everybody of the city’s laws and safety regulations regarding snowy and icy conditions.

During snow emergencies, our plow operators are hard at work getting our roadways back to safe driving conditions. An unfortunate but necessary drawback to keeping the roads and sidewalks clear is that snow will often be plowed in front of driveways. This is a simply unavoidable result of plowing the roads; please understand that it is not done on purpose. It is the property owner’s responsibility to remove this snow.

There are several steps residents can take to make the plowing process go more smoothly for everyone involved. Narrow, steep streets are particularly difficult for our equipment to navigate, so please avoid parking in these areas during a snowstorm. Please do not park your car in any spot that may inhibit the plowing of streets, such as across the front of driveways. If the Mayor has declared a Snow Emergency Parking Ban, no vehicles are allowed to park on any streets. Violators will be subject to ticketing and possible towing. Moving snow and/or ice onto public roads or sidewalks is also illegal and punishable by fine.

If your driveway entrance or grass strip appears to have been damaged by our plows, please call the City Yard at 781-665-0142. Private mailboxes damaged during snow plowing are the property owner’s responsibility to repair. Additionally, it’s important that basketball hoops and other obstructions are not left on the street in winter months.

Private businesses are required to clear all public sidewalks on their property of snow and ice. Residents are also requested to clear their sidewalks. Please clear all snow from fire hydrants and catch basins near your house, as access to both is important to prevent emergencies. If you wish, you may obtain winter salt/sand mix at the City Yard, located at 72 Tremont Street, during normal working hours only. Please do NOT enter the yard during snow emergencies; it is dangerous due to all of the DPW vehicles coming and going during storms.

Most importantly, please be safe! Avoid driving in snowstorms whenever possible, and be mindful of weather conditions. Please remember that we are doing everything we can to keep our roadways clear and our citizens safe. “Winter storm situations are a time when a community must work together. Shoveling hydrants, clearing catch basins, checking on neighbors, and making sure sidewalks are kept clear and accessible to walkers – including children trying to get to school – are all ways in which you can work together with the DPW to make Melrose a safer community during the winter season,” said DPW Director John Scenna. You may contact the DPW City Yard with questions related to snow safety and rules at 781-665-0142.

For more detailed information, check the Melrose Snow Manual.

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