2016-17 Snow Shovelers List

Melrose High School has provided us with this list of students who are available to shovel snow. Price and times are up to you to coordinate with these individuals.

Brian Pelrine, 781-835-7032
Nick Richards, 781-484-8159
Radouane Dris, 857-389-8746
Matheus DeOliveira, 617-513-1846
Charles Femino, 781-507-1432
Adam Bartletta, 781-654-1922
Nathan O’Gara, 781-475-7716
Adam Lahkiky, 781-258-8874
DJ Abbas, 781-428-1271
Eli Coleman, 339-293-7354
Mike Calvert, 781-710-4843
Jack Wells, 781-307-7029
Michael Fennell, 781-572-9471
Anthony Ventura, 781-854-6121
Will Pregeo, 781-799-1448
Louis Izzi, 617-984-9466
Charlie Stanton, 781-484-8760
Ryan Long, 617-599-8389


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