Chronicle Covers “Super” Melrose


Like all of you, I was very proud of the Chronicle show last night about our wonderful city. Thank you to the Chamber of Commerce and all the citizens and businesses that participated. It isn’t one individual or a group of individuals that makes a community great, it’s all of us. Whether you have lived here for many generations or you just moved here last week, all of us have an equal stake in keeping Melrose heading in the right direction. What this Chronicle piece shows us doing, and what we must continue to do, is work as a team. That includes all citizens, our business community, our houses of worship, and a responsive government. It’s always a source of pride to show the world what we’re doing, but as we know, there is always more work to be done. Let’s get back to work. It’s an honor serving as your Mayor!

2 thoughts on “Chronicle Covers “Super” Melrose

  1. Sure made us proud to live in Melrose! And Mayor Dolan did a great job … it was clear he loves the city and that he cares for everyone fortunate to live in Melrose.

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