Plans Unveiled for New Building in Moynihan Plaza Space

The facade of the proposed new building at 530 Main St.
The facade of the proposed new building at 530 Main St.

As you saw last night on Chronicle, things are booming in Melrose! The latest news is the release of the new plans for the former Breads and Bits of Ireland building, located at 530 Main St. As you can see from the photo above, the new building will have a brick, glass, and metal façade, and there will be space for a business on the ground floor and apartments above. The rear of the building will be four stories but it will be set back in front, so the front façade will appear as two stories from Main Street. The plans include a patio area in the rear that a restaurant in the building could use for outdoor seating. As the building is within walking distance of two commuter rail stations and close to the bus line, it is a perfect example of transit-oriented development which is one of the factors that has made Melrose such a popular place to live.

The building in 1978...
The building in 1978…

“We wholly support a mixed use concept in downtown and the idea of bringing people to live downtown and the vitality that adds to the community,” said City Planner Denise Gaffey. “The storefronts on Main Street have been vacant for at least a year, although the building is located in a prime downtown location and it has historically been a hub of activity.”

The Historic District Commission will meet on January 17 to discuss issuing a Certificate of Appropriateness for the building. The Planning Board has already begun its discussion and will meet for a second time on January 23 for further consideration.

... and what it looks like now
… and what it looks like now

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