Melrose Named One of Safest Suburbs in America

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Melrose made a nationwide top 100 list once more—this time as one of the 100 safest suburbs in America. The website NeighborhoodScout surveyed 18,000 public safety organizations from commuinities with a population over 25,000 throughout the country, and ranked them according to crime rates. Melrose placed in the top 100, with one of the lowest crime rates in the country.

It’s an honor to be named one of the 100 safest suburbs in America. It is clear from our own statistics that crime in Melrose is low and is going down even further. Making a community safe is a team effort. First and foremost, it’s led by an excellent Police Department. Also part of that team are community groups such as the Melrose Alliance Against Violence, the Community Coalition, the Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition, and others. Layered upon that are our public schools, which are partners in teaching our children right from wrong and how to look out for each other. It includes our houses of worship as well as neighborhood groups, both formal and informal, and neighbors watching out for neighbors. It is an affirmation of the culture of mutual respect that we hold dear, and I join with Chief Lyle and Chief Leary in congratulating our officers, staff, and many partners on this accomplishmen


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  1. Mayor Dolan, Kudos to you and your management team. George Ahlin Trenton St

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