Introducing InterFace, a Guide to Getting Help

I am pleased to announce that the City of Melrose has a new program to help residents who are looking for help dealing with mental health issues, including depression, an eating disorder, addiction, or even suicidal thoughts. Recognizing that many people need help navigating the mental health system, we have contracted with InterFace, a referral service that helps connect people with the help they need for themselves or their children. With just one phone call, Melrose residents can talk to a mental health professional and get a referral to a therapist or addiction specialist.

The InterFace Helpline numbers are 617-332-3666, ext. 1411, or 1-888-244-6842, ext. 1411, and the line is staffed from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. The service is provided by William James College, and more information is available at

All calls are confidential. When you call the helpline, a mental health professional will listen to your concerns and will call back with information about providers and other resources. The clinician will follow up about two weeks later to check in and to make sure the providers are a good fit.

Other communities have used this program, and it has proved effective. In a study conducted of people who have used the service, 94% of those who responded said that “the Helpline was important in helping them address their mental health concern,” and 81% were meeting with mental health providers referred by the service. They also gave the InterFace professionals high marks for their knowledgeability—99% felt that the counselors were knowledgeable about their mental health concerns, and 97% felt that they were knowledgeable about mental health services.

I think this is a very valuable service, and I am happy that we can offer it to the residents of Melrose. I hope anyone who is facing a challenge, be it depression, addiction, or another mental health issue, will not hesitate to pick up the phone and start moving toward a new life.


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