Melrose Energy Commission Hosts Climate Change Meeting on March 2

In 2015, 14 mayors in the greater Boston area – including Melrose’s Rob Dolan and Boston Mayor Marty Walsh – convened at the Metro Mayors Climate Preparedness Summit, committing to collaborate in mitigating the progress of climate change. This regional partnership continued to gain momentum at a subsequent meeting held last year.

Melrose residents are invited to a special meeting of the Melrose Energy Commission (MEC) on Thursday, March 2, to discuss how the community can support Mayor Dolan in this program. The 7 p.m. meeting takes place at the Melrose Public Library, 69 West Emerson St. This will be an open discussion where residents can ask questions, make comments and actively participate in the city’s commitment to sustainability.

The long-term goal for the 14 Climate Preparedness Summit communities is to achieve net zero/carbon-free status by 2050. This means the amount of renewable energy produced by the community equals its energy consumption.

As a first step, each municipality has committed to develop or update a local climate mitigation plan and implement at least three climate mitigation actions by 2020. A list of climate mitigation actions was generated at the last summit meeting.

“If you feel that reducing the effects of climate change and promoting renewable energy are important, we encourage you to attend this meeting,” said MEC member Lori Timmermann. “It will be an opportunity to provide input as well as learn what we can do collectively.”

For additional information, contact the Melrose Energy Commission at:


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