Melrose celebrates $34K National Grid award on March 13

Melrose residents complete over 750 home energy assessments to surpass award goal.

Once again, the City of Melrose has proven to be one of the greenest communities in Massachusetts. The latest bit of proof is a $34,000 National Grid award for meeting a set of pre-determined energy-efficiency goals.

This money will be used for energy-efficiency improvements in the City.

To commemorate this achievement, the Melrose Energy Commission (MEC) will be hosting a victory celebration on Monday, March 13, at 7 p.m. It will take place at the Learning Commons, Melrose High School, 360 Lynn Fells Parkway. It is free and the public is invited.

“This was a team effort all the way,” said Lori MEC co-chair Timmermann. “We have a lot of interest in energy efficiency from residents and there were many people who supported this effort with outreach and publicity. We also received a tremendous amount of assistance from Mayor Dolan and our City government.”

In addition to the National Grid award, HomeWorks Energy, is donating $3,000 ($15 for each of 200 completed assessments) to the Melrose Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO). HomeWorks Energy, an energy services company in Woburn, partnered with the Energy Commission to conduct assessments and complete the necessary improvements.

At the victory celebration, Mayor Dolan will be on hand to speak about the importance of our energy-saving programs. Several other local and state officials are also expected to attend. A National Grid representative will officially award the $34,000 check to the City and HomeWorks Energy will present its $3,000 donation to the PTO.

In order to receive the maximum amount of the award, Melrose had to meet the following goals during the 2016 calendar year:

  • 511 home energy assessments (751 completed)
  • 114 air sealing projects (124 completed)
  • 157 insulation projects (157 completed)
  • 5 Heating system upgrades (65 completed)
  • 51 Wifi thermostats (107 completed)

“It’s a great accomplishment, which is why we’re celebrating,” said Timmermann. “This took a lot of effort from a lot of people. It’s nice to know that you’re living in a city where people really care about the environment, and each other.”

For additional information, please contact the Energy Commission at


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