Chili Chowder Challenge to Support Veterans’ Trip

Melrose-Wakefield-Saugus Veterans District Director Alicia Reddin announced that planning is in full gear for the annual trip to Washington, DC, for local veterans and a companion. In previous years the trip honored World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War and women veterans. This year the honorees will be veterans of the Gulf Wars, Desert Storm and Operation Desert Shield. “It’s an honor to host them,” Alicia said.

The group will visit our nation’s capital, touring memorials and related sites; with fundraising, there is no cost for the veterans and their companions.

The trip will take place in early May. Check the website for information as it becomes available.

The Veterans Office is asking for donations to defray the costs of the trip; a lottery calendar is for sale at the office for $10 with daily drawings for winners. In addition, the annual Chowder Chili Challenge on March 18 at the Prince VFW will raise funds for the trip. Check the website for details.


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